Child Safety: Save the Date – Friday 16 November

Posted on October 30, 2018

Members across the state have been taking strong action to show how strongly they feel about workloads, attraction and retention of staff, and wages.

We've made some progress around the negotiating table but the feedback from delegates and members is – it's not enough (and let's not even get started on a wages 'offer' that delivers 0% to those under PO3, AO4 & OO5!).

We have our first conciliation meeting on Thursday. While we are in conciliation, members are still able to undertake protected industrial action to show your employer how strongly you feel about a fair deal out of collective bargaining. With the end of the year drawing closer, the time is now to make a stand and say that you deserve better!

Delegates have endorsed working towards a day of state-wide action on Friday 16 November. We've already seen some workplaces taking full-day strike action (looking at you, Mackay & Bowen!) as well as others escalating their work stoppages up to four hours. Other sites have work bans on select tasks. You can see all of the previous and ongoing action here.

As members have chosen to have their pay docked to take industrial action, they have spoken about how they want to see a better Child Safety or Youth Justice system – not only for workers, but for the children, young people and families you work with. You deserve to be remunerated properly and have decent conditions at work because you are worth it and the work you do is vital.

Will your workplace be part of collective action on Friday 16 November? Email the union office to register your workplace or get more information.

The changes you want to see in CSYW are not small tweaks. History shows that, where union members stick together and get active, we can achieve these big improvements. That’s why delegates are asking you to speak to other members in your worksite about taking some form of action on Friday 16 November to show that Together members across the state will not be taken for granted.

P.S. Congratulations to all of the union members who have been so active in their workplaces already! You are doing such great work to highlight the challenges of work in CSYW and what needs to change for staff and the communities you work with. If your co-workers care about the same things, they need to join their union to add their voice.

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