Child Safety members standing together for fairness

Posted on December 7, 2016

"That could have been me. It could be our CSSC next week."

Members across the state have been saying similar things since the announcement about the Caboolture case. Of course, any child death is a tragedy and few feel that more acutely than those of you who work so tirelessly every day to prevent terrible circumstances like this happening.

Child protection work is high-risk and you constantly have to make decisions about life-changing matters. Your workloads are a major impediment to your capacity to do everything that is expected of you on any given day.

Sign the petition to stand with your colleagues and call for a fairer process. 

The news of Child Safety staff being stood down, and such a large number still under investigation by Ethical Standards, has been a huge blow to morale and how supported staff are feeling by the department. A number of CSSCs have passed motions of support for your colleagues that are directly affected by this case.

As a union member, you’ll never walk alone. But the path that Child Safety staff sometimes have to walk shouldn’t be so rocky. That’s why we’re asking members if they support changes to ensure that the principles of natural justice and due process are enhanced concerning Systems and Practice Reviews and any disciplinary proceedings.

Based on the sensitivity and high media profile of this case, many members are concerned that the decision-making ability of the department will not be free from bias.

Sign the petition here to ensure that the principles of natural justice and due process are applied in this, and any future, investigation processes for Child Safety staff.

It’s important at times like these that staff feel supported. One of the ways to do that is to hold a union meeting in your workplace so members can talk about their concerns and make sure that everyone knows that, as union members, we’re all in this together. Will you hold a union meeting in your workplace? Email if you want to support your fellow members during this time.

As always, if you have any questions or there is anything you’d like to discuss, please contact your Together Communities Team on  

1800 177 244