Child Protection Week, media coverage + our new ad

Posted on September 10, 2020

This week is Child Protection Week. We know you will be busy making this week an important one for the children, families, carers and other stakeholders in the child protection system, but we hope you and your co-workers have also had an opportunity to reflect on the incredible work that you do as statutory officers and Departmental employees. Child protection is everyone’s business, but the role you play is an especially important one – thank you for the work you do.

You may have seen this article in the ABC this morning, about the pressures on Child Safety workers and the lack of resources you have to do the work you need to do. On the ground, you know that the average caseload reporting does not reflect your experience. Every case is a child, and that is something that you – as frontline workers – don't forget.

As part of amplifying your voice and making sure that the public know about the incredible job you do, even with such limited resources, today we are proud to launch a new TV and social media campaign about the importance of public services – Public Servants: Here When You Need Us.

Thank you to your delegate, Alexandra, for stepping up to be the focus of this ad. We know Alexandra was very conscious of being representative of all CSYW members and she (along with some littler helpers!) has done a great job – thank you for telling your story!

Ahead of this ad going to air next week, will you share this on social media to highlight the important work of Child Safety?

2020 has already been a particularly difficult year for Child Safety. In dealing with everything that has come from the coronavirus pandemic – which is particularly acute in your work, with increased child abuse and domestic violence as our Queensland community sees greater uncertainty, financial distress and upheaval than we have seen in a generation – Child Safety workers have been working non-stop, day in and day out.

We are still seeing the Department being hardline when it comes to adequately remunerating you and ensuring your conditions are commensurate with the important and difficult work that you do. Hearings for your arbitration will be held in February – we know this is still a while away, and this process has already taken a long time, which is why it was so important that union members recently won a 1.75% increase through the State Wage Case. As a reminder, you can see what we are fighting for in arbitration here. Members have made a strong statement – they are standing up for what they, and the children you work with, deserve.

Don't forget to share this ad to remind the public about the important and challenging work that you do.

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