Changes to QSuper Accumulation income protection insurance waiting periods

Posted on June 6, 2019

Recently members were advised via a "significant event notice" that the QSuper Board has decided to change the income protection (IP) insurance product for Accumulation members.

QSuper has decided to make significant changes, effective from 1 July 2019, to avoid premium increases to the current insurance product, which has a 14-day waiting period.

These changes will mean that:

  • The income protection benefit period is reduced from three years down to two years
  • The waiting period for income protection will change from accrued sick leave plus 14 days to 90 days or accrued sick leave (whichever is greater)

Please note this will not affect you if you are in the Defined Benefit scheme.

Many Together members have received a letter in the mail and an email about the changes.

If you are in the Accumulation scheme, you should contact QSuper if you have not received any advice yet from QSuper (see their details below).

Together members who have contacted your union office – please note we have passed on your concerns to QSuper representatives in a meeting this week on Monday.

QSuper will contact you by your preferred notification method, so this could be by email or letter. 

Make sure you let QSuper know if you have not received a personalised email or letter about the significant changes and ask QSuper to send you the email or letter as a matter of urgency.  

It is really important to obtain advice on what the changes mean for you personally, and what your options are for personalised cover.   

The changes start on 1 July. Please make you sure have received the information from QSuper and made a decision about your options by 30 June.  

Together advice

If you are a QSuper Accumulation member, you should review your income protection insurance as a priority to ensure you have a waiting period that best suits your needs, as there are shorter periods than the default 90 days available. 

Contact QSuper

Members who have questions about these insurance changes should contact QSuper by phone on 1300 360 750.

QSuper members can make changes to their insurance policies, e.g. undertaking occupational rating, by logging into their online account. Please assess whether you need to log in and make these changes, as you will have to make the changes yourself.

1800 177 244