Changes at Mater Pathology

Posted on January 16, 2019

On Monday, your union office received a letter from Mater advising of proposed workplace change, affecting Mater Pathology staff. 

You can read the proposals here.

Alarmingly some members have advised that VER’s have been occurring in Pathology since December last year without actual consultation for the workplaces changes.  

All Mater Collective Union Agreements, are extremely clear about the obligation for Mater to consult with staff and their union, when Mater makes a decision to make staff redundant, it is only respectful for management to consult with staff prior to implementing these changes.  

As a union member you have a right to a say on workplace changes that affect you.

We are seeking your feedback:

  • Does this affect you?
  • Has your position been identified?
  • What outstanding questions do you have about this process?
  • Has there been talk of this occurring?

Please note that this email has been sent out to all members at the Mater: it may not apply to you directly however, your union office values your feedback, and we believe that it is important to act on important issues promptly. It is better that we formulise one response collating all members who are affected or potentially affected straight away.

Please provide feedback by COB Friday 18 January.  You can email

This is your opportunity to have a say and make a positive change in your workplace!

There are 3 important steps needed:

  • Join Together
  • Talk to your other colleagues about the issues and concerns that you have
  • Support each other through the process.
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