Celebrating union history this Thursday

Posted January 31, 2012 by Alex Scott

I wanted to let you know about a bit of history that is being commemorated this week.

One hundred years ago workers in Brisbane took a general strike in support of Tramways workers who had been sacked for wearing union badges. What may seem trivial today was an important battle in establishing the right to be a union member and bargain for fair wages and conditions. It was one of the largest strikes Queensland had ever seen, involving thousands of women and men from all walks of life.

We owe a lot to the brave women and men of 1912. They stood together to protect and advance the rights of workers to improve their lives.

On Thursday 2 February Queenslanders will be gathering at King George Square between 11.30am and 1.30pm to commemorate this important part of our history. If you are in Brisbane I'd encourage you to come along.

Today we enjoy better rights and conditions at work because of the strength of union members in the past. Please take a moment to think about the dedication that our predecessors in the union movement showed to the principle that everyone has the right to organise to build better lives.

PS. You can learn more about the historic events of Brisbane in 1912 here. Hope to see you there.


Authorised Alex Scott, Secretary, Together.
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