Celebrate a victory for public services in Queensland

Posted February 17, 2012 by Alex Scott

Queensland's future is in the balance in the coming state election, and the role of public sector jobs in that future is a key part of the debate.

Recently, we have fought and won a strong campaign against the business lobby's claim for a wages freeze.

To the thousands of people who signed our petition: thank you! If you haven't signed the petition you can still do so (if you can't get through on that version, we have created a version for our own Together site.

During this election, we know that both sides of politics are going to be looking at ways of reducing public sector spending. Our fight is to ensure that they do it in ways that do not hurt wages, jobs, or public services.

We have already seen the current government remove 5,000 jobs via the voluntary separations process aimed at "non-frontline" positions.

As we have seen in areas like Police, singling out so called "non-frontline" positions in this way is dangerous to services. All public services are a valuable part of our communities, and all workers make a difference to building a better Queensland.

As this election campaign gets underway your union will be fighting for protection of all public sector jobs, whether they are "frontline" or not. Regardless of the result I'm confident that you are ready to continue to take a stand for quality services.

Congratulations for everything you are doing to support a stronger Queensland.


Authorised Alex Scott, Secretary, Together.
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