Capricornia CC: Orders have been issued

Posted on November 15, 2019

The attached Orders have been issued. We have just finished in the QIRC and while Commissioner Dwyer accepted that the radio issues constituted a risk, it did not meet the threshold of an imminent risk to health and safety that would justify withdrawal of labour.

Work is to resume as normal however the Department will be taking all reasonable actions to reduce the risk of assault at unlock etc.

QCS did acknowledge the failings with the radios needed to be dealt with in haste and the Commissioner noted their commitment to take action in earnest to fix those faults.

There is a further conference on Wednesday at 10am where QCS will report back on the investigation being undertaken by facilities on Tuesday by appropriately qualified people.

That investigation should provide clear insight into the problem, the plan to rectify it and how long it will take.

The Commissioner has also recommended there be no loss of income by anyone today.

There will be a short report back meeting at 6.30am tomorrow and the delegates on the Conference, Simone Hitchcock, Greg Medlin and Scott Rieson  can provide detail on what occurred tonight.

A Provisional Improvement Notice and a dispute has been issued under the Work Health and Safety Act 2011 and that will also proceed.

I appreciate the frustration many of you will feel but if the orders are not followed the Industrial Registrar has no choice under the Act and must commence action against individuals that can result in substantial fines.

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