Building a stronger union at Ramsay Greenslopes

Posted October 25, 2011 by Alex Scott

Members of your union at Ramsay Greenslopes are coming together to campaign for a new collective agreement that will cover wages and conditions over the next three years.

The first step in improving wages, conditions and job security is putting together a log of claims.  This is a list of things that workers want to see as part of a new agreement.

Members and activists of your union have developed a log of claims through a survey of members, meetings, comparisons across other private hospitals and worksite visits.

As most of you would know, members endorsed the log of claims at a meeting last week and Together members Elaine Cox, Dianne Coutts and Connie Armstrong-Inglis will soon be presenting it to management. 

The first negotiation meeting will occur this Wednesday at 9.30am and you can see a copy of the letter (link) sent to management a little while ago.

The next step will be making sure your union is as strong as possible to achieve the best outcomes possible.

A strong union is one which has –

  • A majority of workers as members of your union
  • Good communication between all workers; and
  • All members united in supporting the campaign.

A committee of union members is being formed to help oversee the campaign in Ramsay Greenslopes and make sure we can move closer to your goals of better wages, working conditions and job security.  If you would like to be involved in the work of this committee please email

Remember to ask your colleagues who are not members of their union to join at

Together you can achieve better outcomes by building a stronger union in Ramsay Greenslopes.

We will post a copy of the Log of Claims once we have shown it to management and we’ll also provide you with regular updates as the negotiations unfold.

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