Budget 2017: Your actions have forced the government to respond!

Posted on June 14, 2017

Yesterday, the state government handed down the budget for 2017/18. Members from across the public service have been advocating and campaigning for improvements in their service areas and because of your action, the government has responded. While there is still more to do in these campaigns and others, members determination have resulted in wins that will not only improve their workplaces, but also improve the services they provide for Queenslanders.

Well done to members who have secured outcomes!


Schools Members win funding for IT support

Today, we've had some very exciting news in relation to our ongoing campaign to improve the outdated school support funding model and make our state schools better. Minister Jones has announced an additional $140M (from 1 January 2018) for IT support in our schools! 

This will see the continuation of the upgrades that we have already won in RoSAS and is a significant and key piece of additional funding for IT support in our schools. Members will now sit down with the department and work out exactly what this funding means and ensure it results in good permanent jobs for our schools. 

Well done to schools members for your ongoing advocacy and campaigning in this space to improve your schools and your conditions!

Child Safety members win vital new funding

Minister Fentiman announced a $200 million funding package for Child Safety as part of this year’s state budget. This will mean almost 300 new positions! Even better, nearly all of these positions are based in Child Safety Service Centres – and each and every position in a CSSC is vital in providing frontline services.

This announcement doesn’t go all the way to fixing the child safety funding model but it is a good first step.  Members across the state should be really proud of the work you have done as part of the Children Can’t Wait campaign to make this happen. This announcement shows what a difference working together as union members can make.

Well done Child Safety members!

Corrections members secure funding for new units at BWCC and convince government to transfer 17 year olds

Corrections members have been advocating for the transfer of 17 year olds out of our adult correctional facilities and into youth specific arrangements. Thanks to the work of Corrections members across the state, the government has committed to fund this transfer program. 

While this is a good start, this funding announcement comes with very little detail. Corrections members will continue to put the pressure on to ensure this program is rolled out smoothly. Stay tuned in the coming weeks for more information on this roll out.

Corrections members have also secured funding for new units at the Brisbane Women's Correctional Centre and confirmation of the Capricornia announcement earlier this year. This will alleviate some of the overcrowding problems, but not fix them.

Department repriotisation targets are down 

The Government has announced a reduction in the level of repriotisation targets for each department, with DET and DTMR allocated the largest target reductions. While it is mandated by the government that no job losses are to be part of the reprioritisation targets, this is welcome news for members working under workplace cut backs.

Together members know that public servants need appropriately funded workplaces to provide the quality service you do for all Queenslanders.

The total target across all departments for 2017/18 is $25M down from $100M. Together members welcome this repriotisation reduction from the government.

Housing Minister to make announcement on government housing.

Tune in to the Together Facebook page at 3:15pm tomorrow (Thursday) for a live video with Minister Mick de Brenni to hear about the budget commitments around public sector housing.

Tim Nicholls again refuses to rule out job cuts.

Last night, Opposition Leader Tim Nicholls avoided and refused to answer questions about whether a future LNP government would repeat the Newman government job cuts. This was an opportunity for Tim Nicholls to rule out any job cuts and he failed to do so.

ABC: So are you ruling out public sector job cuts?

Mr Nicholls: Oh I've given an unconditional guarantee that there would be no forced redundancies in the public sector but what we will be doing is making sure we deliver better government, not just more government

Tim Nicholls and the LNP are happy to respond to our handouts, attacking union members and calling our campaign lies, but when it comes to answering legitimate questions about job cuts, he dodges and avoids answering.

Now is time to get involved with the No More Lies campaign and help protect public servant jobs. Tomorrow, Tim Nicholls will stand up and respond to this budget. It will be another opportunity for Nicholls to rule out any cuts to the public service. 

Sign up to the campaign now to increase the pressure on Tim Nicholls to rule out public sector job cuts.

Your union is also in the process of reviewing the Health budget papers and what the funding decisions in the Health department will mean for Health members. Keep an eye on your inbox for an update soon.

Again, well done to all members who secured wins for their workplace. Remember, this is what union members do. Make sure you tell your colleagues about the work you have done and ask them to join your union.

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