Bring on the vote! Make a submission

Posted on May 11, 2015

Right now a bill is before the Queensland Parliament that could bring back the rights at work that the Newman government ripped away, but we don’t know if that bill will pass. We need to strengthen the message to bring on the vote.

Already we have had over 1500 people sign our petition in support of the bill passing parliament, but it may not be enough.

Can you make a short submission to the parliamentary committee examining the bill to tell them that you want the bill passed and Queenslanders' rights returned straight away?

We know that employer groups like the Local Government Association will be fighting this bill. Already they are spreading ridiculous claims about the bill leading to "lost jobs". We have to make sure when the politicians convene to vote on this bill in a few weeks time it is your voice they will be hearing – not the voice of those who want to continue to strip away basic workplace rights like job security.

If thousands of people like you take the time to ask the politicians to bring on the vote and bring back your workplace rights, imagine what the impact could be.

Take the time to make a submission now – you can talk about the effect the loss of rights has had on your life, your job, and the services you provide in your community.

More and more people are talking about the importance of this bill. Meetings are taking place across the state over the coming weeks – click here to find a meeting in your local area.

We’ll be updating you with more news when we hear it. Please keep raising the word about the importance of restoring your rights by getting this bill passed.

Let’s keep going and bring on the vote!

PS. If you haven’t yet signed our petition to bring on the vote, you can do that here.

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