Breakthrough for Temporary Staff

Posted on July 3, 2017

logo_250_90_purp_letters.pngTogether members have been campaigning to secure better rights to employment security. As of 1 July a new Temporary Employment Directive is in effect for long-term temporary public servants.

Last year we worked to put pressure on politicians to improve employment security and protect the rights of temporary workers. This new directive is a result of that campaign.

You can see the new directive here. You can also read a Together fact sheet about the directive here.

Part of the new Directive allows your union to represent you in seeking a review of your temporary status. As a Together member you will not walk alone on the journey to secure a permanent job.

If you are currently temporary fill in this survey.

If you have colleagues who are temporary and you want to see them secure a permanent job forward this email to them and ask them to join the union for support. 

Better job security in the public sector is important for everyone.

We know there is more to do. For example, the current Directive does not help members who are acting in higher duties.

For many work groups, where there are large numbers of temporary staff, we will need to act together to secure permanent employment for all members. Your organiser will talk about those campaigns with you.

Remember: union members have access to representation and support through this process. But we know with any new process, we will likely have to run a few appeals before the new precedent is settled.

PS. If you are temporary in the public service, fill in the survey here. Ask your colleagues to join the union here. If you have any questions email

1800 177 244