Breakthrough on OneSchool Rollout – Minister and DG act on the concerns of Together delegates

Posted August 22, 2011 by Alex Scott

You will by now be aware that the Minister and Director-General decided late last Friday to reschedule further roll out of the OneSchool Release 3 until second term next year.

Union staff were advised by a telephone call from the Director General  at around 5pm on Friday that she and the Minister, after seeing members’ letters and the results of the mini survey, had intervened to ensure more support and training would be provided to administration staff across the state before further rollout.

This decision was made as a result of representations made by your delegates following the hundreds of responses from members received through the survey, emails and phone calls, as well as discussions with delegates and organisers across the state.

The overwhelming view of members was that there were very significant problems that had occurred as a result of the OneSchool rollout. These included:

  • Problems with the system
  • Excessive workloads
  • Unreasonable stress
  • Lack of resources to support the rollout
  • Insufficient training

When the decision was made to rollout OneSchool Finance module in stages, it was made to ensure that if it became clear there were problems with those problems could be fixed before further rollout.
The decision of the Minister and the DG to reschedule the rollout to make sure the current issues are resolved honours that previous commitment.

The decision of our delegates to seek that the September rollout be rescheduled was not taken lightly, but given the widespread concerns there was no other choice. WhileTogether Delegates are aware that some members may be frustrated that the roll out won’t commence in their school now for some months, despite some preparation already occurring, those that had previously volunteered to progress with the roll out thinking it would all be fine, are clearly regretting not having more training now that they are aware of the full implications of the program.

We are now focusing on supporting those schools that are currently using the OneSchool Finance module as well as making sure that when the final rollout does occur schools are prepared and have the resources required to support them. The Department has proposed a series of measures to provide that support as well as continue to assist Schools in getting ready. A copy of that proposal can be found here. If you have any thoughts about these or other ways schools could be supported during the roll out please email

Members should be proud of their efforts in achieving these changes. The hundreds of emails and responses to the survey painted a very clear picture of the concerns. It is through making sure their voices were heard that the Minister and Director General understood the level of feeling about this matter. Please keep in contact with delegates and check the union website at for updates as the campaign to properly support the OneSchool release continues.


Authorised Alex Scott, Secretary, Together.
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