Breakthrough for HP/DOs?

Posted on April 1, 2015

Queensland Health are set to agree to reinstate your job security, no contracting out provisions and other important measures. This is as a result of the strong stance taken by Together members in not settling for 2.2% and cuts to your conditions late last year and then your effective campaign during the state election period.

Yesterday your Together delegates met with Queensland Health and finally the negotiators from QHealth were able to say "without prejudice" that they were getting ready to put to you for consideration (note this is not the final or official correspondence but just our short summary from the meeting):

  1. Reinstatement of job security and no contracting out in line with government policy (new government);
  2. Reinstatement of consultation about organisational change in line with government policy (new government);
  3. Emergency Clinical On Call to be extended to all HPs where requirement to attend after 30 minutes – this would satisfy our claim for QHFSS and also other areas in HSQ/ Public Health;
  4. Access to Professional Development Leave for temporary employees with greater than 6 months service. May consider (no approval yet)  to apply the PD allowance for temporary employees with contracts longer than 6 months or for those who have had six months continuous employment as a result of a series of temporary engagements. (this would be a big step forward for temporary employees).

Health were still trying to cut the student supervision allowance and "buy out" the district and divisional allowances which we explained were threshold issues for Together members. We are continuing to push on these points and others.

Importantly there is no wages policy yet so that piece of the puzzle will need to be delivered before we are ready to vote on any "offers". This is a first step but a positive one and it is thanks to the dedication and hard work of Together members and delegates.

As soon as we have anything more concrete to report back we will.

We are expecting talks to continue in the next two weeks – you have been without a wage increase for 6 months and the uncertainty over positions and restructures needs to end. We are hoping that the end is in sight.

We look forward to discussing this with you in more detail once the rest of the "deal" is laid out in negotiations in the coming weeks.

In the mean time encourage your colleagues who are not yet members to join you – it’s the only way we get outcomes is to be a strong and active union and we may need to take further action yet!

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