Breaking news - your CYJMA EB was certified today!

Posted on May 28, 2021

Today, your new EB was certified by the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission! Members in Child Safety and Youth Justice now have your first ever standalone EBthe Child Safety and Youth Justice Certified Agreement.

This Agreement is aimed at addressing the attraction and retention issues for Child Safety and Youth Justice members, as well as ensuring that you are remunerated properly for the important work that you do. We’re reporting below about your 7.5% wage increase over the next 15 months, as well as a link below to a summary of the improvements won by members.

It’s been a very long and incredibly tough fight by Together members to get this far. You have stayed strong and made the right decisions during several rounds of negotiations and arbitration processes. Because you stood strong your new EB has delivered a better deal than anything which had been previously on offer.

Wages:  3 x 2.5% real wage increases – not 0%

Over the next 15 months, you will receive three wage increases each of 2.5%, which importantly are real increases in your take-home pay. These increases will be delivered as a 2.5% increase on 1 September this year, followed by two more increases next year of 2.5% on 1 March 2022 and 2.5% on 1 September 2022.

Because your Award wages had overtaken the negotiated EB wage rates, none of the government’s previous pay offers would have been enough to get above your current wages that you receive through the Award. Those offers effectively amounted to a 0% increase in your take home pay. 

Together members have held their ground and today, have locked in significant and very real wage increases. In September this year, your EB rates will be caught up with the Award rates as the starting point for receiving the three rounds of 2.5% increases! This puts your EB wages ahead of the Award safety net for the first time in years and is a massive step forward.  This win for Together members fixes your longstanding pay disparity with workers in other agreements like Transport and Main Roads who were ahead on wages, and moves you closer towards pay equity with workers in Queensland Health.

You deserve  these real wage increases. As Together members you stood firm on that principle and said no to 0% wage offers. Today, because of your actions the Child Safety and Youth Justice EB secures you 7.5% of real wage increases.

Unique work – unique EB conditions

The work of Child Safety and Youth Justice workers is not the same as other public services workers. This EB is now more keenly focussed on building up your wages and your conditions to meet your needs, as well as taking on the challenging issues that face members in your department. The deal which was certified today contains a range of critical improvements for Youth Justice members, Child Safety members, as well as those which apply across both groups..

You can read more about the improvements to your conditions here

If you are interested in a particular EB commitment and would like to be more involved in ensuring it is seen through, please speak with your local delegate or contact us on or 1800 177 244. 

Because this agreement is just for workers in Child Safety and Youth Justice, every EB campaign from now on will be only about issues that matter to you. The stronger CS & YJ members are as a union the better your pay and conditions will be! Share this email with your colleagues and ask them to join Together today to be part of that change.

Once again, congratulations for standing firm and united to get this outcome!  None of this would have been possible without the patience and determination of Together members holding on through these prolonged campaign and negotiations – well done!

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