Breaking news on wages for the EB10 agreement

Posted on September 23, 2019

Over the last two weeks there has been significant movement from the government in negotiations. This is a direct result of the action that you as Together members committed to take on 11 September.  

Queensland Health had repeatedly advised our bargaining team in negotiations that they would only offer our members less than what was offered to other groups of government workers in terms of wages. School Teachers, TAFE Teachers and Rural Fire employees were all offered an additional $1250 payment on top of the 2.5% wage increase. It was unfair to offer our HPDOCA and EB10 members only 2.5%.

Members across both agreements decided to stand up and take action to ensure that you don't receive less than other workers. A Day of Action decided on by your steering committee delegates which  was coordinated to occur for our Health members simultaneously with Together members in the Department of Transport and Main Roads.

As a result of this action over the weekend we received communication from the government which clarifies that the wage offer for EB10 will include a $1250 payment. 

Everything that you have achieved in the last few weeks has been as a direct result of members preparing to participate in industrial action. By continuing to get involved and staying committed to industrial action, you can ensure that the collective strength of your union delivers a better working life for you and your colleagues.

Your bargaining team continues to push hard on all issues from your log of claims – issues which include employment security, workloads and individual classifications for different occupational groups. We now have two negotiation meetings left and we still don't have a full offer from Queensland Health that our members could consider and agree on. Their current offer is incomplete. Your EB10 steering committee will meet to discuss the results of the member survey and what actions members need to undertake to force an offer from Queensland Health. 

Don't forget to have your say on in the current EB10 survey for temporary employment and workloads.

Our members know that the only way we will win better pay and conditions through this EB will be by committing to take action as a strong union of members. We have already shown this in relation wages last week, and members will continue to campaign on our key concerns as we head towards this next deadline of September 30, 2019. 

Let your colleagues know that they need to join Together for better wages and conditions now!

We will keep you posted on developments as we progress through the negotiations.

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