BREAKING NEWS - Offer made, Back-pay secured, Union members WIN in TMR

Posted on October 4, 2019

Today we have received a communication from DTMR to settle our agreement.

This is a significant step forward and wouldn’t have happened without the personal intervention of Minister Bailey following union members being prepared to take strike action.

Your delegate Steering Committee have considered the offer and have given in principle agreement in order to secure the back-pay date to 1 July and the improvements contained within the offer.

This offer means 2.5% annual wage increases, a $1250 ‘sign on’ payment, improvements to employment security for all workers, reviews for classifications, better provision of uniforms, improved consultation about change and more.

You can see the full offer letter HERE.

This is the best settlement offer we have seen from DTMR in many bargaining rounds and it has been delivered thanks to the organisation and union action taken by you and the willingness of Minister Bailey to step in when union members made the case.

Without union members this offer would have included lost back-pay, 2.5% and nothing more. You have made a huge difference!

While everything in our claim has not been realised, this offer is a significant step forward. This means there will be more work to do over the next 3 years to use these clauses and make our workplaces safer, better and happier places.

Every day you help to keep Queenslanders safe and moving, and your work is crucial to your communities. This offer recognises that.

What’s next?

All the industrial action members have been participating in ceases from today.

We can have a ballot of union members on the offer now which will happen starting next week. So you can have your say directly.

If the ballot is successful then the agreement will go to drafting, after that there will be a full staff ballot and then certification in the QIRC (if the staff ballot is successful).

Importantly, the back pay and the one-off sign on payment won’t be paid until after certification of the agreement.

We’ll keep you updated

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