Bluecare - Interim pay offer

Posted on February 1, 2017

Since July 2016, your Delegates and your union office have been actively asking management to start negotiations for your Agreement. As you are aware this has been a very trying time for all. Management has expressed on several occasions that they did not have the capacity to start negotiations.

Considerations have been taken into account that whilst BlueCare/WMB get their house on order, delegates have expressed that as good faith bargaining, management offer an interim pay increase and back-paid from July 2016, as well as a strong commitment to commence bargaining for June 2017,

From the information you have told me through your delegates and over email/at meetings – a wage increase that keeps pace with cost of living was important, as it had been quite some time since your last increase.

In light of that, Bluecare/WMB have advised your union office that in recognition of your hard work and patience, that they will apply 1.7% administrative increase to your next pay cycle:

  • Increase to your base rate Tuesday 14 February ‘17
  • You will receive back pay for the difference in your base hourly rates for the period between 5 July ’16 and 13 February 2017

So as far as your Agreement is concerned, all other terms of the current Agreement will remain the same and continue until a new Agreement is established. Please see attached correspondence from management. Prior to commencement of bargaining, we will keep you informed if there are any changes, so please encourage your colleagues to join.

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