Blue Care union update

Posted on June 2, 2017

Happy Friday! We hope you are having a great week. Recently your union has had a few members get in touch about issues at Blue Care.

Home care ballot

A number of members have raised concerns and confusion surrounding Blue Care’s email advising that you are eligible to vote in the Home Care ballot.

Your union’s industrial view is that this email has been sent in error to employees that are in fact not included in the Home Care Agreement. Click here to read the letter your union sent to management.

Once a response from management has been received we will ensure that this is information is shared with you. 

Admin home visits? 

Some admin members are reporting they have been instructed to attend clients' homes to conduct home assessments if there are no personal carers available to do the submissions.

Your union reps would like to assess how widely and frequently this is happening. If this has happened to you, email your organisers at with answers to the following questions:

  • Have you been asked to conduct client home assessments?
  • If so when did this commence?
  • How do you feel/would you feel about being instructed to conduct these visits?
  • Were you consulted about this?
  • What are your concerns and risks of performing home assessments?
  • How does this impact on your ability to complete your current duties?

Integration services in Brisbane North

On Wednesday 31 May, your union received a letter from Blue Care management advising of the proposed changes to the ongoing integration services within Brisbane North. They have recently transitioned the task of rescheduling to the administrative model and the introduction to Blue Tech.

Click here to read the letter.

If you are impacted by these proposed changes, delegates are seeking your feedback. Send your answers to the following questions to

  • How does this impact you?
  • Has your position been identified?
  • What outstanding questions do you have about this process?
  • Has there been talk of this occurring across other offices?

This email has been sent to all Together members in Blue Care. It may or may not apply to you at this point in time however, your union values your feedback, and believes that it is important to act on important issues promptly. It is better that we formalise one response from all members who are effected or potentially effected straight away.

Remember to make positive change in your workplace there are three important steps you need to do: 

  1. Join Together
  2. Talk to your colleagues about any issues and concerns you have
  3. Support each other through the process
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