Blue Card Services - Workforce Review

Posted on November 11, 2019

Together Branch Secretary Alex Scott has received correspondence from Director-General David Mackie regarding a workforce review to be conducted on Blue Card Services.

An entitlement union members have secured is the requirement for Blue Card Services to consult with you regarding these changes. This is a key clause in our certified agreement where you, as Together members are a party to the agreement and as is DJAG and in turn Blue Card Services.

The Certified Agreement requires that consultation occur between the parties, and that this occur at the DJAG Consultative Committee. Further, that the parties need to comply with the provisions of the State Government Entities Certified Agreement 2015 which union members have secured through enterprise bargaining particularly these relevant clauses:

7.3 Organisational Change and Restructuring
9.2 Consultative Committees (CC)

The consultation process only applies to union members and only union members have a chance to influence the decision making through your collective voice.

The ability of union members to influence the outcomes can often be dependent on how many members get involved and I would recommend you ask others to join here so that you have the weight of numbers to influence the decision making process. 

If you have any issues, thoughts or concerns or wish to put forward any position that will form part of the Together position on the restructure, you can contact your organiser Sean Waugh at

As Blue Card Services embarks on the review, the Together union requires that the following questions to be answered during the review process to best protect members' interests: 

  1. Who are the decision makers?
  2. What is the intent of the restructure?
  3. Will there be a spill and fill of positions?
  4. Has a review already occurred?
  5. If so who conducted the review?
  6. What were the review terms?
  7. If a review is yet to occur will consultants be used and if so for what purpose?
  8. Can this review be done by public servants?
  9. If the review has already occurred who was involved in this review?
  10. Is there a consultation process in place currently?
  11. If the review has taken place:
    • What are the findings?
    • What are the recommendations?
    • What is the Department going to adopt?
  12. What Business Drivers have been produced for the Organisational Change? (“Change proposals need to be able to demonstrate clearly that they reflect changing needs in the client community, that they will bring about improved client services, and /or that they will deliver greater value for money”.)
  13. Timelines for change?
  14. Current staffing positions and levels both filled and unfilled?
  15. Names and areas where staff work?
  16. Staff position profiles including position levels:
    • Number of F/T and P/T Permanents,
    • Number of Temps/Casuals and Agency staff.
    • Number of trainees
    • The number of staff working in higher duties and their associated timeframes.
    • Number of staff on secondments and their associated timeframes
    • Number of current vacancies and their levels.
  17. In relation to temporary workers it needs to be established how long these people have been temporary? Have they been doing a similar role?
  18. Can staff who may meet the Temporary Employment Directive criteria be converted to permanent work, or be upgraded prior to the change process occurring?
  19. What is the current Organisational Structure?
  20. What is the proposed Organisational Structure?
  21. Which positions will remain unchanged?
  22. Which positions will be new?
  23. Have role descriptions for the new structure been developed?
  24. Will there be job losses?
  25. If staffing numbers are reduced how will the Department cater for increased workloads i.e. reduce job roles – increase staffing?
  26. Will there be any geographic changes to workplaces if so how will this be handled?
  27. What process will be used to fill positions that have not translated at level?

These questions are designed to ensure union members rights are met, as is the requirement under the various industrial instruments union members have campaigned for and secured. As part of the consultation I will be asking members from the different areas of Blue Card Services to form a Workplace Organising Committee. This will ensure that each area not only has their say but the content expertise of each area is heard. If you would like to nominate as a Workplace Organising Committee please nominate by reply email by COB 15 November 2019

For those members who may have concerns on how the proposed changes may impact them individually, please contact me in the first instance and I will ensure your views are reflected as part of the consultative framework or refer you to an Industrial Officer for expert industrial advice.

Organisational change can be difficult and challenging however if we work together we can make a positive difference.

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