Aviation workers deserve better

Posted on March 23, 2021

We just wanted to give you an update on the announcement made by Scott Morrison earlier in the month.

Union members have been fighting and will continue to fight to make sure ANY support package to rebuild out of COVID19 has workers at its core.

But Scott Morrison’s aviation package announcement is a failure for working people in aviation and tourism.

While we have won on some areas we know this support is nowhere near enough for so many, especially for ground handlers, domestic flying workers who remain stood down and staff at many international airlines.

It's not enough. And it’s not good enough.

What we need is money going directly to workers, not to shareholders. We are demanding ANY support from the Federal Government in aviation must be linked to jobs and for all aviation workers.

This week ASU National Assistant Secretary Emeline Gaske wrote an opinion editorial in the Daily Telegraph, did you see it?

“Keeping people in work is good for the person who keeps their job, their family, the business who keeps their employee and the economy”- Emeline Gaske

Without you, the highly skilled and experienced workforce, we know we cannot get back in the air when we are ready to fly. But this package does not do enough to keep aviation employees in work and connected to their employer. If you haven’t yet, make sure you’ve emailed the PM calling on his government to support aviation workers: keepaustraliaflying.com

We won’t give up.

Right now, solidarity has never been more important.

It means looking after each other, looking out for each other and making sure no workers are left behind. 

Email the Prime Minister right now and tell his Government to support you and your colleagues in the aviation industry!

1800 177 244