Armaguard Collective Agreement Offer – Voting Starts Soon

Posted on May 15, 2019

Over the past few weeks, your union office team has been finalising the drafting of your new agreement and has picked up about 5 other errors, these have been amended as a result. 

You now have an agreement that is ready to vote on, we have emailed management to seek more information on how management will hold the ballot to vote on the new agreement.

However what is known is you as union members have made a massive change in your agreement. Yesterday your union got a offer in Melbourne from Armaguard for a 3 year deal with 2% wage increases per annum only.

Being union matters, by being collective you have made your working life better.

Armaguard Union Improvements in this EBA




Dispute Resolution – This clause has been broadened to included the ability to raise a dispute about the employment relationship – meaning that union members can dispute items like workplace bullying, and other aspects not listed in the agreement.


Part time hours will be increased to 24hrs minimum


Casual to PT conversion clause will be added to the agreement – allowing staff to seek to be converted to PT


Classifications / Year Levels will be reviewed at the Union only consultative committee.


Wage Increase will be

2018 - 3%

2019 - 3.5%

2020 – the % as decided by Fair work in the minimum wage case.


Meal Allowance will increase with the Wage increases


Finishing Times will be added to the agreement and must appear in your rosters


No staff PT or FT can be called in to work without 48hrs notice


Negotiations Must start 3 months before expiry of the agreement


Outside of hours penalties increase


3% backpay bonus, applied from May 2018

Conversions to Part time and Full time

A large number of casuals will be converted to Part Time (Approx. 10-15)

A large number of Part time staff will be converted to Full Time (Approx. 6-10)

This will be based on hours and length of service.


Will now stipulate the hours of a full-time employee


abandonment of employment, Will now be clear that the notice period complies with the NES regardless of whether or not they abandon their employment.

Casual loading

Casual loading has been changed to 23%


Overtime will be paid for Part-time employees are entitled to paid overtime once they work past their agreed daily hours, not just weekly hours.

Here are the Issues outstanding

  • 21.1.4 states overtime is time and a half for the first 3 hours than double time thereafter. The award states double time starts following two hours. Unless employers are paying substantially above the relevant awards, the FWC is seeking submissions that OT kicks in after 2 hours. Armaguard has asserted that this will have to remain as 3 hours otherwise we would have to change our offer & recalculate wages based on an increase in wages PA.

Note your union office believes that this won't pass Fair Work and will be raised to be altered.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to let me know by emailing

1800 177 244