HP/DO: Arbitration

Posted on November 28, 2014

This morning your delegates and I put your bottom line position to Queensland Health again at the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission and they said no.

In our quick poll conducted over the last 24 hours, 96% of members said they wanted to put this bottom line to Queensland Health, and we put it strongly today.

The refusal of Queensland Health to come to a reasonable deal today is disappointing to say the least, but sadly not unexpected.

What does this mean?

It means that after a report from the Commissioner, we start a process where a Full Bench of the Industrial Relations Commission will run an arbitration - like a trial - on the issues.

So your bottom line is being put to the QIRC again, and we will argue that case vigorously.

It means that your current conditions continue while this process is finalised, and it means that we need to maintain pressure on the Minister and others who could at any time make you a reasonable offer, settle this dispute and come to an agreement.

Congratulations on the strong stance you have all taken as union members during these negotiations so far!

You have demanded respect from your employer, and have refused to trade away the rights of future HP, DOs and your co-workers.

We will keep in touch on the next steps and standing strong Together.

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