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Posted September 15, 2011 by Julie Bignell

Please read on for the latest update regarding payroll specific negotiations with Queensland Health.

At a meeting held yesterday between representatives from payroll hubs, and the Premier of Queensland, Delegates outlined to the Premier the key issues facing payroll staff and why it is critical that action be taken now to resolve the current dispute regarding classification progression to AO4 APO level.

Delegates believe that we had a very good hearing from the Premier, who gave several hours of her time.  A number of understandings were reached, without a final model being settled on.  The key points of understanding are that:

1.  Together members want no limitations on the number of AO4s, and no barriers in the first instance to members being able to be independently assessed against the selection criteria for the position.

2.  Delegates are amenable to a process involving the QIRC to determine the selection criteria and assessment process, which should be done quickly.

3.  An assessment process should include a date for application of back-pay, and a timetable for implementation that is reasonable.

4.  We will review the recommendations of the KPMG report about the classification level of payroll staff.

5.  We need to consider entitlements for members who have been acting in higher duties for some time.

6.  We need to determine opportunities for progression beyond the initial round of reclassifications.

It must be stressed that a complete model is yet to be proposed by management/the government.  Further work is scheduled, involving Delegates and management, next week.  The point was made that any proposals from our union will be looked at in the context of budget as well as a desire to resolve the work value issue currently in dispute.  There is, however, a willingness from the government to revisit the negotiations and if necessary modify the last proposal which was circulated for member consideration.

As part of this process, your Delegates will be asking for your opinions about a range of issues.  They will be attempting to identify a complete model for progression which is broadly acceptable to members, which can be discussed with management.  It may be the case that these local discussions result in a number of suggested alternatives.

Now is the time to let Delegates know how you think things should work.  It is crucial that you explain how your proposed model works if at all possible, as opposed to proposals which only apply to one part of the workforce.  Delegates will bring your feedback to a further meeting next week with the Premier, with a view to arriving at a proposed model for endorsement by members.

Our Delegates have made an important break-through in this dispute by being able to directly explain issues and have the chance to negotiate with the Premier on this issue.  We urge you to give your proactive and considered feedback as soon as possible so that your views can be taken into account in this process.

Please also forward this information to other members in your area.


Authorised Alex Scott, Secretary, Together.
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