All police workers do an amazing job

Posted on July 3, 2020

After hearing yesterday's announcement from the Minister and the Commissioner that sworn officers will receive an additional paid 2 weeks leave for being the 'frontline' response to the COVID-19 emergency, we know that many members, who work alongside sworn officers on the frontline, were surprised that this had not also been afforded to all of you.

Health workers and others have had the same feelings.

We know that dedicated public servants in police have already received the one-off $1250 payment earlier this year and that you do not begrudge your colleagues receiving that too. And the legislation around PTSD will also cover staff across the QPS.

However, the extra 2 weeks leave for some but not all of the dedicated staff in the QPS has left us all feeling confused. Certainly we have heard from some rightly angry and disillusioned staff.

At the behest of your delegates, who serve with you in the QPS, we have written to the Commissioner expressing the anger and concerns we are all feeling right now. You can see the letter here.

Keep an eye out on your emails as we will send further information as it comes to hand.

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