AEIOU draft agreement

Posted on June 22, 2016

Negotiations for your Enterprise Agreement are now coming to a conclusion.

AEIOU management have now finalised a draft agreement for your consideration. You can find the proposal here.

Your employer wants to go to ballot soon but first we need to know if you will support the agreement.

In summary, the new proposal offers the following improvements:

  • Wage offers to Health & Behaviour Professionals of at least 3% per year for four years.
  • Backpay at the higher rate from 1 July 2015
  • Reclassification of Behaviour Therapists to the same structure as other Allied Health professionals
  • Domestic Violence support provisions
  • Increased allowances and Higher Duties payments
  • Study Leave provisions
  • A return to work bonus from Parental Leave

There are also a number of changes to non-contact time. While AEIOU were not willing to support the staffing levels we thought necessary to improve OT caseloads they have given commitments to implementing an additional “floating” OT position to support the four biggest centres until at least the end of the year. This will give all the parties time to be involved in a review of OT to child ratios and potential improvements to administrative functions and workflow.

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