ACE - Weekend workers get in touch!

Posted on June 16, 2017

Last week the Fair Work Commission finished their Annual Wage Review process. Thousands of union members across the country took action by signing petitions, doing surveys and sharing stories on social media to win an increase to the minimum and award wage. 

The Fair Work Commission announced that the award wage would be raised by 3.3% from 1 July. This is the highest increase awarded to workers by the Commission in over 5 years. Click here for more information about the decision.

While this increase is great for workers who rely on the award wage, it also means that the agreement you just voted on may not meet the Better Off Overal Test (BOOT). 

BOOT requires that each of the employees to be covered by the agreement is better off overall than under the relevant modern award. It is a critical criteria for approving an agreement.

Your delegates raised not meeting BOOT as a potential issue during negotiations due to the lack of penalty rates paid on weekends. It's now becoming a serious issue. 

As a union, we will need to establish just how many people this may impact and what their hourly rate and job title is. It seems that some people will certainly be better off than the award but it will be tight for others. 

Here's what you need to do. If you work weekends, send through your roster, job title and hourly rate to

Once your union has collated and reviewed this information, we will let you know about the next steps. 

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