AC Failure at Forensic and Scientific Services, Kessels Road

Posted on January 16, 2018

We have received feedback from concerned members regarding a catastrophic failure of the air-conditioning systems at the Forensic and Scientific Services (FSS) located at 39 Kessels Road, Coopers Plains, due to the heat staff will be unable to continue work in their usual way.

HSQ management has provided the following information:

  • Portable cooling systems are in use in some areas of the building enabling work to continue.
  • Other systems will be put in place to extract cool air overnight into buildings this will allow a few hours of work to be done in the morning in these areas. 
  • Staff can elect to come to work early after 6 am, this will need to be done after discussion with your local manager.
  • If staff are stood down at any stage due to the heat this will be on full pay.

If at any stage you feel that you are not able to work due to the conditions please let your manager know immediately and let them know that you are concerned about safety.

Being safe at work is not negotiable – you must be able to work safely.

Management will provide a further briefing tomorrow morning, we will then send you out another update at this time.   

If you have any concerns, questions or something just doesn’t seem right about this matter, please email or contact the union office directly on 1800 177 244.

1800 177 244