Absolutely no more than 3% - Health. Bans must stop

Posted October 31, 2011 by Alex Scott

This afternoon in the Industrial Relations Commission (QIRC) Queensland Health and government representatives said that "there is no basis whatsoever that a wage increase greater than 3% (2.5% plus 0.5% of cashable savings) will be offered. Under no circumstances is there any capacity under the Queensland Government wages policy to move beyond 3% - irrespective of cashable savings found."

This statement comes after months of negotiations, significant industrial action by members and an enormous effort by delegates to try and negotiate a reasonable outcome with Queensland Health in this round of talks about wages and conditions.

In these negotiations union members have been fighting for a better Health system with fair wages - not a real wages cut - which is what the Queensland Health said they would deliver today no matter what. That's not a position that delivers for patients or the people that keep our hospitals running, that's ridiculous.

The position was put to the government - if we found savings within Queensland Health to fund a higher pay rise would you give us one? The answer - an emphatic "no" - not even if you find the money.

This afternoon the QIRC ordered that based on this statement and the list of matters not able to be settled in months of negotiations that these negotiations had broken down and there is no likelihood of agreement in the near future.

The Commission will now arbitrate a new agreement. That means the Commission will determine what the wages and conditions for Health EB8 workers will be for the next 3 years after being presented with evidence and arguments by union representatives and government representatives. This process can take a long period of time - as soon as more information is known about the timetable members will be advised.

The Queensland Industrial Relations Commission ordered this afternoon that as a result of the complete breakdown in negotiations and move to arbitration that all work bans being undertaken by members of Together must now cease. Therefore all members undertaking industrial action should now return to normal duties.

If you have any questions about the lifting of your industrial action please speak to your local delegate or contact us at eb8@together.org.au.


Authorised Alex Scott, Secretary, Together.
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