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Posted November 10, 2011 by Alex Scott

Stop! It’s the Police!

The response from Police members against cuts to Police has been clear. Police workers have shared their stories about what it will mean for them and their workmates, for their local communities and for Queensland. It’s important that we keep up the pressure and get more people involved by emailing police@together.org.au.

Tonight, we are also emailing the rest of our Together membership to tell them about the cuts that the Government has planned to make to Police and asking them to stand with you.

This is a line in the sand moment for Queensland and for the budget for service delivery across our public sector, and police workers like yourself are on the frontline.

By getting involved you will know that thousands of other Queenslanders are joining with you to stand up for a quality services in Queensland and for secure jobs.

You can be part of the campaign by sharing your stories about what these cuts mean for you and your workmates at www.together.org.au/buildingblocks

Your ongoing efforts are vital in sending a strong message to politicians that shortsighted cuts hurt our communities. Now is the time to be sharing, discussing and building a plan for a better Queensland that invests in the people that work hard to keep our communities safe and secure.

Police workers and our Queensland community need a government that will invest in quality public services. What can be more important to building a better Queensland than supporting police services that keep our streets safe?

Join the campaign against cuts across our public sector and for better services www.together.org.au/buildingblocks.


Authorised Alex Scott, Secretary, Together.
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