EB10 and HPDOCA update meetings in Ipswich Worksites

Posted by Sophie Cookson on June 4, 2019

I’m writing to let you know about an upcoming union meeting for your workplace. Members last met a couple of months ago, but with EB negotiations underway, and a State Budget imminent, there is plenty to talk about. I will provide an update on bargaining but this will also be an important opportunity for you as members to discuss the shared issues that are affecting you at work. 

WBHHS Update on the HP4 position

Posted by Kayleen Dwyer on June 4, 2019

As you are aware we have been in dispute over a decision to fill a social worker's position with a nurse.  

CQU Feedback required: Secondment and Exchange Procedure

Posted by Kayleen Dwyer on June 4, 2019

Under your collective agreement, Central QLD University Management are required to consult with union members over changes to your conditions. I have been provided a document regarding the Secondment and Exchange Procedure and have shared it below:

Better consultation for HPs in SCHHS

Posted by Alex Griffin on June 4, 2019

Over the last few months Together members have raised a number of issues in Allied Health regarding change management and employment security.

QANTAS Bulletin

Posted by Airlines team on May 31, 2019

Your union has put together two updates for QANTAS members.

Please don’t hesitate to get in contact by emailing or by calling and speaking to your experienced industrial staff on 1800 177 244.

Corrections Update - 31 May

Posted by Darren Roach on May 31, 2019

Yesterday your delegates met with the department for an out-of-session EB negotiations meeting. This was the first meeting since we secured the minister’s intervention last week.

MOCA5 has been certified today

Posted by Dr Sandy Donald on May 31, 2019

I’m pleased to announce that this afternoon, MOCA5 was officially certified at the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission. This puts in place your new pay and conditions that Together medical officers won during negotiations last year.

You can view a copy of your new MOCA5 agreement here.

TMR Uniform policy has to change!

Posted by Remi Armstrong on May 31, 2019

Members have been identifying real issues with the supply of mandatory uniforms across all CSCs.

After hearing these concerns from members across the state, your delegates started raising them at the District Consultative Committee (DCC), where the Department agreed to look into them. Since following up that commitment, the Department were advised by CSB that the uniforms are being supplied in accordance with the uniform policy and that if there were areas with specific issues they were happy to hear them. The uniform policy is part of the problem – it is inadequate in its current form!

Minimum Wage and Union Election

Posted by Sharon Abbott on May 30, 2019

Today the Fair Work Commission has handed down the National Wage Case.

From 1 July the national minimum wage in Australia will be $740.80 per week.

This is a 3% increase. And an increase of $21.60 per week.

HQ Plantations EB Update - Revised offer

Posted by Megan Denny on May 30, 2019

At the most recent enterprise bargaining negotiation meeting, HQ Plantations tabled a revised wage increase.

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