CSYW & YJ: Update on your EB ballot

Posted by Dee Spink on April 3, 2020

This morning, you would have heard from your Director-General about a ‘pause’ in your EB ballot that was due to open at 9AM today.

Update on the pay freeze announcement

Posted by Together Queensland on April 3, 2020

Public sector workers are the backbone of Queensland. You are on the frontline of the COVID-19 crisis. It is you who are protecting Queenslanders and ensuring that everyone stays safe. You are the people who are going to work so that others can stay home and be safe.

OIR: Touching base - Are you OK?

Posted by Remi Armstrong on April 2, 2020

This is just a quick check in to make sure everyone is doing ok and to answer any questions you might have.

FWC Statement extends Auscript Consultation.

Posted by Megan Denny on April 2, 2020

Following Auscript's decision to offer redundancies in the last week of March there have been two Fair Work Commission Conferences held either side of a meeting between your union representatives and management on Monday 30 March and Tuesday 31 March.

Your safety in Public Trusts

Posted by Sean Waugh on April 1, 2020

Your delegates called for and the PTO agreed to, an extraordinary PTO Agency Consultative Committee on the impact of COVID-19 restrictions and safety and what it means for union members. This meeting occurred by teleconference on Friday 27 March at 2:00pm.

Central Qld and Fraser Coast DCDSS Teleconference this Friday

Posted by Ashleigh Saunders on April 1, 2020

It’s a very difficult time for all workers, however it’s important to remember that your union is here for you! We are hearing alarming reports that management are not allowing members access to flexible work arrangements or redeployment where they would medically require so during this pandemic.

Your safety in the Department of Communities

Posted by Dee Spink on April 1, 2020

We are hearing from members across the state that requests to work more safely during the COVID-19 pandemic are being ignored or denied. This is simply not good enough and delegates have been raising your concerns with the Department; however, we will be seeking to escalate these concerns as they are not being addressed quickly or well enough.

Urgent Mater update: Union win! Ballot is off

Posted by Megan Denny on March 31, 2020

Good news! You have successfully forced Mater back to the negotiation table!

What union members need to know about JobKeeper.

Posted by Alex Scott on March 31, 2020

For the last three weeks the ASU along with other Australian unions have been campaigning relentlessly for a wage subsidy for workers to ensure members jobs are protected through the global pandemic.

AHPRA COVID-19 update + consultation extension.

Posted by Megan Denny on March 31, 2020

Your union office has been proactive in seeking information from AHPRA about their plans for addressing the COVID-19 virus.

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