Proposed changes in Technology Services Branch

Posted by Heather Hayes on April 11, 2019

eHealth has sent the below email in regards to changes within the Technology Services Branch to your union for feedback from members. As part of Queensland's Health requirement to consult with staff before changes to the organisation, I'm providing this document to you. Please read the document and provide any feedback you have on the proposal. 

Proposed Organisational Change in eHealth

Posted by Heather Hayes on April 11, 2019

Under your collective agreement, Queensland Health management are required to consult with union members over changes to your conditions such as your roster, organisation and reporting structure. I have been provided with documents regarding change within eHits and as part of the consultation process, I am sharing this document with you.

Your concerns at Yellow Cab

Posted by Peter Cattach on April 10, 2019

Following discussions with a number of you; there have been some common issues raised:

  • Mould and poor air quality in the contact centre which members have felt ill from.
  • Absentee alerts
  • Pay roll errors
  • Shift changes

You deserve a safe and healthy place to work!

MOCA5 update – consultation and ballot process

Posted by Sandy Donald on April 10, 2019

This week marks the start of a formal consultation and ballot process for your new wages and conditions, as won by Together medical officers last year during MOCA5 negotiations.  

Since negotiations were finalised during the end of 2018, Unions and the department have met frequently and drafted into the Agreement all of the improvements to wages and conditions which were won by members.

WBHHS Update

Posted by Kayleen Dwyer on April 9, 2019

HP’s standing up!

Congratulations to all those who recently signed the petition to the CEO of WBHHS, Adrian Pennington, which resulted in nearly 70 signatures calling for his intervention on the downgrading of the HP7 Allied Health Director role to HP6.

How much time are you donating to your department?

Posted by Alex Scott on April 9, 2019

Are you and your co-workers consistently asked to do more with less?

At the end of your work cycle, have you frequently accrued hours above your maximum carry-over and had to forfeit them or 'write them off'?

We have a number of members reporting this issue and it's time to count the cost.

Legal Aid meeting this Thursday

Posted by Alex Scott on April 9, 2019

What a year it has been already! 

Last month we saw your collective agreement be referred into the arbitration process. We know this isn't how members had hoped the process of renegotiating their collective agreement would turnout when you started bargaining last year.

Mater: AO6 and AO7 win!

Posted by Billy Colless on April 8, 2019

At today’s EB negotiations Mater told delegates that the proposal to remove the AO6’s and AO7’s from the agreement has been withdrawn!

Well done everyone! A special congratulations to all the AO6's and AO7’s that got together quickly and acted upon this matter. It shows that when you have the majority of people involved, a good communication network and you’re prepared to act collectively you can make a positive change in your workplace.

WorkCover meeting tomorrow

Posted by Danny Cummings on April 8, 2019

You are invited to attend a lunchtime meeting, tomorrow Tuesday 9 April, with Together Secretary Alex Scott.

Alex will be discussing the possible impacts of the Bridgman review into public sector employment laws.

Urgent Meeting – QSS Recruitment Practices

Posted by James Swan on April 5, 2019

Recently your Union has received concerning examples of poor recruitment practices by this department. Particularly cases whereas staff on long term relieving arrangements are unable to meet merit when a job becomes available for permanent.

The burning question to ask is, when does higher duties constitute merit? It’s hard to fathom cases where, members on longer term higher duties do not meet the merit for the position they encumber?

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