QIMR: Crunch time for a new agreement: This Thursday

Posted by Alex Scott on September 26, 2011

Members of your union, Together, are holding a meeting on the future wages and conditions of QIMR employees, after this Thursday's negotiation meeting with QIMR management where we will have a finalised offer for members to consider.

Your QIMR working conditions

Posted by Alex Scott on September 24, 2011

Your union's delegates have gained employer agreement to our log of claims.  This has important implications for your working conditions - see our QIMR blog for more.  Visit and sign up to read of the latest update.

Payroll Delegates Negotiate with Premier's Department Representatives

Posted by Julie Bignell on September 23, 2011

Your Delegates yesterday met with representatives of the Premier's Department and Health Department after the Premier's agreement to intervene in the current classification dispute.  In attendance were both Director-Generals, and a number of other senior staff, alongside 14 Delegates from across the state, and Assistant General Secretary of Together, Julie Bignell.

Negotiators met today with QHealth representatives, despite a last minute suggestion by QH that there was no need to meet because they didn't have anything to talk about.  As members would expect, we insisted the meeting go ahead, because we have plenty to talk about!

Negotiations for your new collective agreement - what's new?

Posted by Alex Scott on September 17, 2011

Your union's delegates are continuing their work with QIMR management to get a new agreement formed that reflects the aspirations of the people who work at QIMR.

WorkCover: the latest on your wages and conditions

Posted by Alex Scott on September 15, 2011

Your workplace union delegates have been busy in the early stages of negotiations for your new collective agreement that will set your wages and conditions for the next three years.

All Together Payroll Staff

Posted by Julie Bignell on September 15, 2011

Please read on for the latest update regarding payroll specific negotiations with Queensland Health.

They just did their job

Posted by Alex Scott on September 11, 2011

There’s been plenty of commentary and talk about the ten-year anniversary of the terrible events of September 11, 2001.

QIMR: Where can we make savings?

Posted by Alex Scott on September 10, 2011

The blog on the negotiations for a new collective agreement in QIMR has been updated!  Click here to read the post.

Health workers are building better lives

Posted by Alex Scott on September 6, 2011

Workers in Queensland Health are vital to our community, and that's why it's great to see so many people signing up to make working lives better in Queensland Health.

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