Latest update from FWC and Carinity

Posted by Megan Denny on November 13, 2018

Please see the latest email from the Fair Work Commission to Carinity Aged Care. It looks like you are getting closer to having a certified agreement. We will continue to keep you updated with any further correspondence.

Carinity have also just sent through these documents in response to the Commissioner's queries;

Latest update from FWC and Churches of Christ.

Posted by Megan Denny on November 13, 2018

Child Safety: Friday's Day of Action – who's involved?

Posted by Dee Spink on November 12, 2018

Are you ready to find out who’s standing up for a better CSYW on Friday?

Ministerial response and Monday

Posted by Kate Flanders on November 9, 2018

This week we have been continuing in the Commission, in the media and yesterday we received a letter back from the Minister offering to meet. This is progress! You can see the Minister's response HERE

We will certainly be seeking this meeting as a matter of priority.

QBFP Work Bans

Posted by Olivia Hill on November 8, 2018

Congratulations – you now are halfway through your work bans!

How are you going with the work bans?

Education members will strike on Monday!

Posted by Alex Scott on November 7, 2018

Together members across the Department of Education will be going on strike on Monday.

The industrial action notice will allow Together members to go on strike for up to 4 hours AT ANY TIME across Monday 12th of November. This will allow for local decision making at your site as to when the action will be most beneficial.

Education: Time to Strike

Posted by Kate Flanders on November 1, 2018

On Tuesday night in Brisbane we had another fantastic rally with Together members showing once again what a force to be reckoned with you are! You can see some great pictures and footage from the rally here. The Education and OIR presence at all the rallies and stop work actions across the state has been huge. The 'all talk no action' approach of the government is not fooling us.

Corrections: Update on the Productivity Commission Inquiry

Posted by Michael Thomas on October 31, 2018

Child Safety: Save the Date – Friday 16 November

Posted by Dee Spink on October 30, 2018

Members across the state have been taking strong action to show how strongly they feel about workloads, attraction and retention of staff, and wages.

We've made some progress around the negotiating table but the feedback from delegates and members is – it's not enough (and let's not even get started on a wages 'offer' that delivers 0% to those under PO3, AO4 & OO5!).

Work bans are on at QBFP

Posted by Alex Scott on October 30, 2018

Together members have endorsed a suite of work bans to escalate pressure on the Department and force a better offer. 

The following work bans will commence from Wednesday 31 October until Wednesday 14 November:

1800 177 244