HPDOCA Update - 9 August

Posted by Rohan Huguenin, Occupational Therapy Assistant, and the Together HPDOCA Bargaining Team on August 9, 2019

Yesterday I went with the Together HPDOCA bargaining team to EB negotiations to argue the case for the new Clinical Assistant stream and for improvements to our working conditions. I was joined today by Andrea, James, Brendan, Lindsay, and Kyle, who represented members from a wide range of clinical “operational” roles which were agreed to move to the HPDO Agreement as a new clinical assistant stream. Also attending was Quaneta one of our HP bargaining representatives.

EB10 Negotiations update - 6 August

Posted by Kim Guerrera, Librarian, Redland Hospital, and the Together EB10 Bargaining Team on August 6, 2019

Today I attended EB10 negotiations for our new collective agreement alongside other members including Jane Orbell-Smith, Chris Parker, Bronia Renison, Vikki Ivers and Suzanne Asker.

We covered claims regarding flexible working arrangements and employee welfare, as well as some discussion about temporary employees (more discussion of temp-to-permanent conversion will occur as scheduled for 20 August). As a librarian, our members also had the chance to raise our claims in relation to our professional issues which need to be addressed through this round of bargaining. Here are some of the highlights to report back from the discussions.

Further clarification on Transport Inspector bans

Posted by Remi Armstrong on August 5, 2019

On Friday evening you should have received the below email, after a few more questions this morning your delegate and I thought we should send out some further clarification on some of your bans.

Yesterday you would have received an email from one of your delegates Grant Williams about commencing works bans. This email is to confirm that the department were provided this notice this morning advising you will commence the bans listed below from Monday 5 August.

Arbitration training day update

Posted by Darren Roach on August 2, 2019

On Tuesday almost 40 delegates from around the state met in South Brisbane (see the photos here) in what was a very productive training session discussing the upcoming arbitration.

Vacancy for union rep on UQ PSCC

Posted by Megan Denny on August 2, 2019

Your delegates recently attended the Professional Staff Consultative Committee (also known as a Joint Consultative Committee). These committee meetings are made up of equal representation of management and union representatives.

Bolton Clarke - You voted NO, so what now?

Posted by Megan Denny on August 2, 2019

Bolton Clarke have just advised the following;

Emirates Bulletin #2

Posted by Billy Colless on August 2, 2019

On Wednesday 24th and Thursday 25th July 2019, the union representatives for Together ASU and ALAEA and Emirates bargaining representatives met to discuss your claims for the Emirates Enterprise Agreement 2020. We discussed each other’s claims and agreed to work together to make one set of common claims. Our claims include:

PSBA - Have your say on your workplace

Posted by Cameron Watson on August 2, 2019

Four times a year your delegates and I attend the PSBA Agency Consultative Committee. This committee meets to discuss important issues impacting members in their workplaces.

Together Meeting for SO and SES members

Posted by Alex Scott on August 2, 2019

Following up on our earlier emails we have set up a meeting for next Friday 9 August.

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