Healthscope looking to sell

Posted by Together Queensland on May 1, 2014

Your Union has recently noticed some media around Healthscope looking for bids in the foreign market to sell the business. See article here.

Members Meeting – UQ Ipswich Campus transfer to USQ

Posted by Jess and the United Voice/Together Universities Team on April 30, 2014

As you would be aware, discussions are currently taking place between UQ and the University of Southern Queensland (USQ) in relation to the future use of the Ipswich Campus.

Recently, UQ announced that they have signed a non-binding Memorandum of Understanding with USQ around a potential transfer of the Ipswich Campus to USQ in 2015.

Well done! Being union makes the difference

Posted by Megan - Lead Organiser - Health Team on April 28, 2014

The work you do is valuable and important. It’s great to see that work recognised. Your employer is rightly proud of the fact that the Wesley Hospital has topped the Press Ganey patient care survey. Such high-quality patient care is no accident – it’s the result of a workplace where the voice of employees can be heard, and important conditions are protected and respected by the employer.

Newsflash: Important update for TAFE members

Posted by Jess and the Together TAFE team. on April 24, 2014

Over the past year, the government has attacked your working conditions on many fronts and we’ve also seen their attacks on the TAFE system come to fruition.

Your union bargaining representatives have some fantastic news - after lengthy negotiations, we are pleased to advise members that in principle agreement has been reached with QUT in regards to the proposed Enterprise Agreement.

New Framework – Have your say

Posted by Together Queensland on April 15, 2014

It's finally arrived. A new draft of the SMO and VMO contract, all in one document, drafted in conjunction with the Keep our Doctors Taskforce.


Breakthrough in Negotiations

Posted by Together Queensland on April 15, 2014

We’ve finally had a breakthrough in negotiations.

After days of negotiations with the Government, we’ve finally got an agreement that we are happy to put to you and your colleagues to vote on.

A new award for cultural centre staff? Have your say now

Posted by Sean and the Together Team on April 11, 2014

As a Together member you deserve a say in the direction of the Queensland government’s Award "modernisation" process. Right now is a really important time for you, as a member in cultural centres, to have your voice heard in this process.

Health public service award: We had a win!

Posted by Rob and the Together Health Team on April 11, 2014

Having your say as a union member matters. Recently, we asked you which Award you would like to be covered by – the Public Service Award as you are now, or be moved to the District Health Award (which was Queensland Health’s initial position).

Health: Attention Administrative Officers

Posted by Together Health Team on April 11, 2014

Our Together office has had recent reports from members in the administrative stream who work 24/7 shift rosters that you are being “consulted” or met with one on one regarding a change to your meal breaks and rosters.

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