CQHHS: Consultative Services Committees

Posted by Ashleigh Saunders on November 14, 2019

Your union has been reviewing the way our local consultative committees function in CQHHS. While most of our committees are now fully functioning, we are currently in the process of establishing a Corporate Services Local Consultative Committee.

WBHHS update - Strike off, lunchtime meetings on

Posted by Allison Finley-Bissett on November 13, 2019

On Monday, Kayleen Dwyer (Bundaberg Office), our delegate Suzanne Blanch and I met with Stephen Bell and other senior HP managers.

Your threat of action has worked and you don’t have to take it now! Congratulations!

HPDOCA: Still no offer - strike action on Thursday

Posted by Together Queensland on November 12, 2019

Last week you and your HPDOCA colleagues voted to take industrial action for better pay and conditions at work.

DNRME communication about the $1250

Posted by Together Queensland on November 12, 2019

Several members have recently forwarded me a copy of the email sent by the department regarding the 3% increase won by union members in the state wage case.

Blue Card Services - Workforce Review

Posted by Sean Waugh on November 11, 2019

Together Branch Secretary Alex Scott has received correspondence from Director-General David Mackie regarding a workforce review to be conducted on Blue Card Services.

MCC: QIRC dispute and night nurse shift motion

Posted by Allison Finley-Bissett on November 11, 2019

On Friday we met with MCC management. This meeting was to discuss the outcome of the QIRC dispute which recommended that we review the team leaders’ roster.

Your feedback required: Change proposal for QCH

Posted by Alex Griffin on November 11, 2019

Under your collective agreement, management are required to consult with union members over changes to your conditions such as your roster, organisation and reporting structure. I have been provided with the following document outlining proposed changes and as part of the consultation process, I am sharing this document with you.

State wage case win and your continuing industrial action

Posted by Dan Goldman on November 11, 2019

Congratulations to all Together members taking industrial action and seeking fair wages and conditions for all PSOs.

CITEC EB Update and award wages increase!

Posted by Dan Goldman on November 11, 2019

Last Wednesday, we met with your GM and HR about your EB and served your “log of claims”, setting out what you are seeking in these negotiations. This includes:

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