Metro North Update

Posted by Together Queensland on December 7, 2012

Dear Members,

On 3 December 2012 the Metro North Health and Hospital Service Board announced their decision to restructure Primary and Community Health Services, Brighton Health Campus & Services and Metro North Subacute Services into a new service called the Sub Acute and Ambulatory Services.

SunWater Together members Enterprise Bargaining update

Posted by Alex Scott on December 5, 2012

Unfortunately SunWater have not accepted this offer, stating that it does not fit in line with the Government Wages Policy.  As we pointed out at our last members meeting it is unreasonable to expect staff working in SunWater to agree to wages which are far less than the government offer which does not have productivity measures imposed. In essence SunWater is offering a zero percentage wage offer unless staff are prepared to trade of conditions.

End of Year BUNDY BASH! - An invitation to Together members!

Posted by Alex Scott on December 4, 2012

Together In Unity - End of Year Bundy Bash
(or for some -The 'VOTE NO' End of Year Bundy Bash)

Universities members: important survey into your work/life balance

Posted by Alex Scott on November 30, 2012

With the year rapidly drawing to a close, we would like to hear your views on a range of work/life balance matters through a university sector-wide survey of professional/general staff. Matters like workload, travel to/from work, child and family care, and workplace stress are all important issues that you don't simply leave at the office - they affect your life outside of work, too.

Your breakthrough

Posted by Alex Scott on November 29, 2012

We’ve got some great news to share with public sector workers. You have taken a stand and made a real breakthrough by signing and sharing the petition - Support the Inquiry into public sector rights at work.  Together members led the 23 000 Australians that signed and sent a clear message straight to Canberra that our communities across Queensland want politicians to stand up against a radical agenda of job cuts and attacks on your rights at work.

Skills and training matter

Posted by Alex Scott on November 28, 2012

Our friends at Queenslanders United have just started a new petition because skills and training programs are too important to be shut down.

As many of you will be aware tonight a motion is being debated in the federal parliament about the appalling attacks the Newman government have made on your working conditions. The motion is about the creation of a parliamentary inquiry into these attacks - to shine a light on what Newman has been doing. In the wake of these changes workers in the public sector now have fewer rights than other workers in Australia. The changes fail to meet a number of our international obligations in relation to the international labour organisation conventions (ILO) to which Australia is a signatory.  A Greens MP, Adam Bandt, has put forward the motion - for it to be successful we need the federal government's support as well.

Voting no is simple

Posted by Vivienne Doogan on November 20, 2012

Your union office has received an overwhelming response to our ‘Just Vote No’ campaign. We are expecting public servants to turn out in huge numbers to send the government a strong message.

Important research into workplace bullying

Posted by Alex Scott on November 19, 2012

The Southern Cross University is undertaking a research program to help develop intervention tools for workplace bullying. They have developed a survey and are asking people to share their experiences.

An Independent Public Service Commission - Really?

Posted by Alex Scott on November 16, 2012

They advised the government on how many jobs to cut, they advised the government on how to change the laws to strip away your rights so that they could do it, now they are advising you to accept the government's agreement which offers a real wages cut and removes job security. The Public Service Commission is relishing its role selling the Government's snake oil, rather than acting as independent guardian of public service principles.

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