AMWU: Negotiations have slowed, next meeting 18 Dec

Posted by Megan Denny on November 27, 2019

The national branch of your union (the ASU) had a teleconference EBA meeting on the 22 November with the leadership of the AMWU. It is fair to say that there was a real stalemate and that the AMWU stuck to its position and your delegates also stuck to your position!

Queensland Health has made this offer to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Worker and Liaison Officer members. It has been discussed by members at statewide meetings and now it is time for you to have a say on this offer.

CSYW: Recent media attention

Posted by Dee Spink & Jo O'Shanesy on November 25, 2019

Over the weekend and today there has been media attention focused on Child Safety due to a critical incident in Logan.

Armaguard - FWC has approved your agreement

Posted by Megan Denny on November 25, 2019

Whilst your union was not advised by the Fair Work Commission at the same time as Armaguard, we can confirm that we have now been advised that your agreement has been certified.

Virgin: Majority support determination decision

Posted by Megan Denny on November 22, 2019

The Fair Work Commission has made a decision about the majority support determination.

QCS response to pay error

Posted by Darren Roach on November 22, 2019

For those that have already checked Aurion for next fortnight's pay you will be aware that QSS applied the award rates to everybody’s payrate regardless of classification level and was granting some of you massive pay rises – they shouldn’t have.

Dept of Education: 3% and back-pay - When?

Posted by Kate Flanders on November 22, 2019

Following our win in the State Wage Case we have had it confirmed today that the 3% and back-pay to 1 September 2019 will be paid on 1 January 2020.

HPDOCA: Ballot next week

Posted by Alex Scott on November 22, 2019

Our members' planned strike action last week forced Queensland Health's HPDOCA EB offer. Since that time, Together members have met in workplaces to discuss the offer, and our Together HPDOCA bargaining team have also been in meetings with Queensland Health to negotiate improvements to the current offer and seek clarification on some points.

CSYW: Got a minute? Fill in this survey for arbitration!

Posted by Dee Spink & Jo O'Shanesy on November 21, 2019

Most of you should have already received a link to a short survey for the purposes of arbitration - for those of you who haven't yet, please find it here.

In our arbitration case, the State of Queensland is essentially arguing that the status quo is just fine – there's no need for change on any front. Our members tell us that isn't the case, things need to get better!

Mater Allied Health Practitioner Negotiations Update

Posted by Megan Denny on November 20, 2019

Union members are making an impact. Keep wearing your stickers and taking action.

Today Mater management changed their offer, only not where it counts.

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