Don't forget to have your say about Child Protection!

Posted by Alex Scott on September 20, 2012

The Queensland Child Protection Inquiry is continuing its important work looking into the current state of Queensland's child safety system.

Community Rally and BBQ: Friday 21 September
Time: 12:15 for a 12:30 start
Location: 62 Sturt Street (Suncorp tower)

It’s been another very tough week, with budget announcements, and job cuts figures and specifics still coming through. Today in Parliament the Premier even tried to claim that no one had been ‘sacked’ that everyone who had left had left voluntarily. We all know that this is just lies, lies, lies.

The Mater  Agreement went out to ballot and was closed on the 7th September 2012. Votes were tallied that same day with an overwhelming 'YES' vote by 98% of voters. It is also important to note that almost 900 staff voted which was a tremendous effort of staff that had their say. The agreement will now be taken to Fair Work Australia for approval within 14 days.

Changes to DSSU

Posted by Alex Scott on September 14, 2012

DSSU is changing. At this stage it is unknown exactly what those changes are and what the timelines are. It appears there is a review of DSSU services as per the information provided to the Brisbane Times by a Departmental spokesperson - see information at the end of this link re 'Rumoured cuts at DSSU'

Today's budget

Posted by Alex Scott on September 11, 2012

Today the Queensland Treasurer announced a budget that will cut 4,000 Queensland Health jobs across the state, while prioritising initiatives like spending $100,000 on a new change room for the GPS rugby club in the Premier's Ashgrove electorate.

Housing and Public Works update

Posted by Vivienne Doogan on September 11, 2012

Today we were briefed by the Minister Flegg's Chief of Staff and were told that 1068 positions would be made surplus in the Department of Housing and Public Works.

Make your voice heard this Wednesday

Posted by Vivienne Doogan on September 10, 2012

As you might know, the Queensland state budget comes out tomorrow - Tuesday 11 September. We can expect that the government will be spinning the budget as 'good news' and announce funding boosts for some new services - but it won't repair the enormous human cost of their massive cuts to jobs and service delivery.

Job Security

Posted by Alex Scott on September 7, 2012

Today was another tough day for public sector workers with significant announcements of job cuts in Health. I know many of you have now also received emails from your Directors-General suggesting that more announcements will be made come the budget day next Tuesday.

Independent Schools - Job Security for School Staff

Posted by Alex Scott on September 6, 2012

As many of you would know the deadline for schools expressing interest in being one of the first 30 Independent Public Schools is this Friday - 7 September.

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