Update for Union Members

Posted by Alex Scott on June 28, 2012

Over the past few days, the Premier and the government have been spending more and more time making more arguments about the need to balance the budget, and our union spokespeople have been countering by pointing out the necessity of public services and public sector jobs, along with more accurate information about the true state of the budget.

Payroll Staff Proposal Update (UPDATED INFORMATION)

Posted by Julie Bignell on June 28, 2012

Below is a status update on the implementation of the Payroll Staff Proposal.

Wear Black this Friday 29 June

Posted by Alex Scott on June 27, 2012

We know that many people are feeling vulnerable and concerned about what the future at Housing and Public Works holds.  The government has already identified Housing and Public Works as one of the first agencies to be examined under the public sector renewal program and there are other reviews occurring such as the Commission of Audit, the review of government-owned corporations and the Cabinet Budget Review Committee (CBRC) examination of budgets. We know many of you are concerned about what this will mean.

Show your support this Friday

Posted by Alex Scott on June 26, 2012

Friday marks a sad time for former Department of Communities areas, and indeed for the whole public service, as many temporary employees will conclude their employment as of 29 June.

DEWS member update

Posted by Alex Scott on June 26, 2012

DEWS Union delegates met with their counterpart management reps at the inaugural meeting of the department’s Agency Consultative Committee on 20 June 2012.

On the 30th of September, your current Enterprise Bargaining Agreement expires. Union delegates will soon be engaging in negotiations for the next agreement. Now is the time for members to have a say about what issues are important to you in your workplace.

Medical officers agreement

Posted by Alex Scott on June 23, 2012

All RMOs and SMOs must now be aware that QH has made an offer to its employee doctors that seriously erodes their pay and conditions and has the potential to create the perfect environment for a "Bundaberg 2". The government is not likely to shift from this offer without a very significant groundswell of opposition to it

This is a terrible offer

Posted by Vivienne Doogan on June 22, 2012

This week the government presented your negotiators with an offer to strip-mine your conditions. The offer freezes increments, meaning that someone who is now an AO3-1 would be $5000 worse off at the end of the agreement. This isn't an offer, it's a ransom demand. It's time to fight back.

SunWater EBA Negotiations update

Posted by Alex Scott on June 18, 2012

On the 12 and 13 June Together representatives along with a number of other unions and bargaining representatives met with SunWater management and with a Public Service Commission representative where the following was discussed:

Last week was a huge week - this email is longer than those I have been sending you to date, however there are 3 parts and I hope you understand that the material requires a bit of explanation.

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