HP: Another delay from Queensland Health on your wage increase

Posted by Dan Goldman on November 12, 2015

Recently you would remember that HP members were finally successful in achieving a 2.5% pay increase backdated to 17 October 2014 through the operation of a Health Employment Directive, a great achievement that came about because Together members stood strong to secure that outcome despite opposition from management.

Core: Negotiations on your agreement: the latest

Posted by Alex Scott on November 10, 2015

Since Alex’s last update to members we have now met with government negotiators twice more seeking to negotiate a settlement proposal for consideration by members. We have also made application to the Industrial Commission to progress the arbitration of these matters, to ensure that if a settlement is not reached with government the arbitration can be pursued as a priority.

Pledges of support for school support staff

Posted by Dan Goldman on November 10, 2015

Together members came out in numbers in schools of all shapes in sizes across the state last week to tell your stories and to ask their local MPs to support you in your push for a better model for schools resourcing.

Custodial Corrections: What's important to you?

Posted by Together Corrections Team on November 9, 2015

Next year Custodial Corrections Officers will again have an opportunity to bargain for their wages and conditions, and after the last few years there are a lot of things we already know should be addressed.

LCCH: Your action has secured more funds from the government

Posted by Alex Scott on October 27, 2015

Today the Minister for Health has formally announced an additional $70 million of funding for the Lady Cilento Children's Hospital as well confirming his faith and complete confidence in you as staff and the world-class treatment you provide and support. This is the outcome of a long period of engagement between the government and Children's Health Queensland, as a direct result of your action.

Core: negotiations on your agreement

Posted by Alex Scott on October 26, 2015

Formal negotiation with government representatives has begun for your wages and conditions under the 'Core' agreement. Your union delegates and I met with government negotiators last Friday to talk through the issues that are most important to you and that you expect in a reasonable settlement proposal.

Health EB8: News on your wage increase

Posted by Alex Scott on October 23, 2015

Great news: Your hard work and dedication to a fair go has resulted in Queensland Health accepting your proposal to continue your EB8 agreement for 12 months with a 2.5% wage increase.

School Support Staff

Posted by Together Queensland on October 23, 2015

We have seen what happens when governments cut staff and contract out IT services.Adequate resourcing in the education department and in our schools is vitally important to the education and safety of our children and the future of our state.

Historic outcome for doctors

Posted by Dan Goldman on October 22, 2015

Congratulations! Your action has secured a new collective agreement. Soon you will be able to tear up your contract.

Your sacrifice should be recognised by the Commissioner

Posted by Together Queensland on October 16, 2015

The Police Commissioner has let down QPS and PSBA staff.

Eleven months after the G20 summit, a time when QPS and PSBA staff worked extra hours under a full leave embargo, the Commissioner has this week again confirmed that he will not support giving unsworn staff the concessional leave associated with G20.

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