Your chance to make a difference for the Fraser Coast

Posted by Together Queensland on January 30, 2014

Will the government privatise more services? How can Hervey Bay meet the growing needs of a disadvantaged and aging committee if the State Government continues to withdraw services? Over 50 business closed in the Maryborough CBD last year. How can we keep jobs in Maryborough when more public services are being downsized and we can already see that business are closing every time we lose public sector jobs? What happens when the doctors are all put on contract - does this mean that we will lose doctors from our hospitals? What happens if the Maryborough Prison is privatised? Will we keep our health services? How can we fight for child safety if the Carmody report's recommendations are implemented? What happens to staff working in AS and RS as their work is taken over by the non government sector? How can you make sure that your local state school still has its schools support workers ensuring that your kids teachers can teach?

Together General Meeting of Members - South Burnett

Posted by Together Queensland on January 30, 2014

Together is holding a General Meeting of Members for the South Burnett area next week.  All members are encouraged to come along and meet with their local Organiser and Delegates to discuss issues affecting workers across the state and region. It would be great if you could encourage work colleagues, union or non-union members to attend the meeting so that they can be informed about what’s happening across the sector and what union members are doing in response.

Send our SMOs some support.

Posted by Kate Flanders on January 29, 2014

As Together members we support each other in times of trouble and we know how to lend a helping hand.

Courts in the dark

Posted by Together Queensland on January 23, 2014

1. A court review is happening.
2. It’s in February.

This is all that is known about an upcoming Queensland Courts review while you and your colleagues continue to sit in darkness. 

2014 - Pathology and BTS

Posted by Together in Health Team on January 22, 2014

On Tuesday 21 January 2014 Together delegates and members from Pathology Labs and BTS met to talk about the latest letter from the Health Minister.

Are you overloaded?

Posted by Vivienne Doogan on January 22, 2014

When you get home after a long day at work you need to ensure your errands are complete and your responsibilities are in order. You may need to organise dinner, feed your pets, keep your fitness in check or make sure your kids get their homework done.

These tasks become almost unbearable if you’re feeling burnt out and overloaded by your day at work. Feeling like this can lead to overfatigue and illness.

Wide Bay Health Services in 2014

Posted by Together Queensland on January 16, 2014

Firstly, happy New Year.  Let’s hope 2014 will see better recognition and support for health services from the government.

22 February: Send a message to Campbell Newman in Redcliffe

Posted by Alex Scott on January 13, 2014

On 22 February the people of Redcliffe will be voting for a new MP to represent them in the Queensland Parliament. But this vote won’t just affect those who live in Redcliffe: it will affect all Queenslanders.

Communities in 2014

Posted by Together in Communities Team on January 13, 2014

2014 is set to be a significant year for hardworking Communities members like you, as you and your colleagues are faced with major reforms that will continue to impact on the way you work and your ability to provide quality services to Queenslanders.

2014 – be a part of something big at the Mater

Posted by Kate Flanders on January 13, 2014

Happy new year!

This is already a big year for Mater members with Medical and HP Bargaining, an award modernisation process and the transition to the new Queensland Children’s Hospital.

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