Welcome intervention by WorkCover CEO

Posted by Together Queensland on December 11, 2014

Two important things have occured today that we wanted to make sure you knew about.

  1. CEO, Tony Hawkins, has offered to intervene in the negotiations to help settle the agreement.
  2. The latest hearing before the Commission was held today and I wanted to give you an update.

“Teething issues” or failure of government?

Posted by Together Queensland on December 11, 2014

Today everyone is talking about what you already know – LCCH just wasn’t ready to be opened.

There are significant issues for staff, patients and their families.

Metro South Organisational Change

Posted by Together Queensland on December 11, 2014

There are two change processes happening right now in Metro South Health.

These processes may affect members in either the:

  1. Acute Care Teams at the PA, Redland or Logan Hospitals, or;
  2. Home & Community Based Services within Metro South Community and Primary Health.

Ipswich rally back on 13 December

Posted by Kate Flanders on December 10, 2014

Due to the wild weather we postponed our gathering outside local MP Ian Berry’s office last Saturday.

We are now going ahead with it this Saturday the 13th of December. Same place, same time!


Saturday 13 December
10am for 10:15am start
125 Brisbane Rd, BOOVAL Queensland
Gathering outside Ian Berry MP’s office to ask him to support fair pay for all!

Recruit a friend

Posted by Kate Flanders on December 10, 2014

You have been an inspiration this year.

You have kept powerful people on their toes and held them to account for their broken promises and lies.

You have stopped the privatisation of critical services and won a Supreme Court case against the government over their actions to deny you an interim wage increase.

Most of all, you have kept the issue of fair pay on the agenda and in the media!

Join me in 2015

Posted by Kate Flanders on December 10, 2014

Email a colleague today here and ask them to join you. Simply click and enter their email address. 

Another chance to get a better deal: Vote No

Posted by Kayleen Dwyer on December 8, 2014

Together members overwhelmingly told us they rejected the QFleet offer of 2.2%.

When management balloted the workforce they failed to gain a valid majority for their unfair offer.  Now they are hoping you will change your mind and cave in. 

They wanted to rush another ballot through but it is not that simple.  It turns out the proposed agreement that was shared with staff for the last ballot had the wrong wage rates included in it. Because of this mistake, QFleet has been forced to conduct another a week of consultation so that everyone is clear about what they are voting on.

HPDO State-wide meeting details: Offer and ballot

Posted by Kate Flanders on December 8, 2014

Voting on the proposal from the Commission for your wages and conditions is important.

Your delegates and Alex have recommended you vote no and keep the fight alive for fair pay and conditions.

It is your say that is most important.

HP/DOs: Make your voice heard.

Posted by Alex Scott on December 5, 2014

Make your voice heard.

As you will see from today's email from the Director-General, Together is the only union conducting a ballot of staff affected by the HP/DO agreement proposal.

End the war on health workers

Posted by Kate Flanders on December 4, 2014

On the weekend, health workers and the community changed the government in Victoria. In one of their first acts the new Government announced it would “end the war on wages”.

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