Special election briefing for Together members tomorrow

Posted by Alex Scott on January 13, 2015

By now you would know that the state election will be held on 31 January and the parties’ policies for jobs, services and the public sector will be front and centre.

South-east Queensland: Come to doorknocking this weekend

Posted by Alex Scott on January 13, 2015

The election’s only 19 days away and it’s going to be close. A handful of votes in a handful of seats will determine who forms government after 31 January.

Significant issues at State Library Queensland

Posted by Sean Waugh on January 12, 2015

By now SLQ staff members would be aware of the reports in the media surrounding the disgraceful situation of Staff, members of the public and school children having their photograph taken without their knowledge and permission and that some these photographs may be of an inappropriate nature. You can view one of the media reports here. 

Given the serious nature of the issue and the significant ramifications for both the State Library Queensland and staff now and into the future, Together is seeking feedback from union members on this issue. Depending on how strongly members feel about the issue, your feedback and questions will form the basis of the collective union members response to the State Library Board and Management.

This election will be important for wages

Posted by Alex Scott on January 9, 2015

The Newman government are lying about jobs, about the economy and about your wage offer. Join the campaign now.

Every day Campbell Newman is lying to Queenslanders about jobs, just as we already know that he lied about your wages.

Now he is in election mode, claiming publicly that the economy is very strong while his government is still saying in the Industrial Relations Commission that they cannot afford to pay a fair wage increase.

The arbitration for wages will continue this year, but the government can implement a fair wages policy at any time.

No More Lies for HPs and DOs

Posted by Alex Scott on January 9, 2015

The Newman government are lying about jobs, about the economy and about your wage offer. Join the campaign now. 

Every day Campbell Newman is lying to Queenslanders about jobs and has lied about his economic record. Those lies would have been revealed next week when the government provided evidence about the state of Queensland’s finances, to the Industrial Relations Commission in the HP and DO Arbitration.

So yesterday the government’s lawyers asked the Commission to let them delay providing this information until after the election.

My story and the story of so many others

Posted by Pete Cattach on January 8, 2015

In 2013, I was made redundant by Campbell Newman and his LNP government. As you know, I wasn’t the only one. Services were slashed, profits were prioritised over patient care, and thousands of experienced and hard-working Queensland Health staff were sacked.

I am worried about my patients, my colleagues and the health system I worked so hard for.

You can hear my story here.

For you, the struggle continues. Many of you have expressed that morale is at an all-time low. Increased workloads are leading to fatigue, and without funding for training new staff, the public health system in Queensland is suffering.

This Sunday

Posted by Alex Scott on January 7, 2015

Now that the state election has been called, hundreds of members are volunteering to talk to the community about the impact of Campbell Newman’s broken promises.

The election will be very close and every vote is going to count.

Queenslanders need to know the truth about what Campbell Newman and the LNP have done to our public services and our jobs.

TAFE matters this election

Posted by Irene Monro on January 7, 2015

We know that you value TAFE and the educational opportunities that it provides including for some, a second chance at education.

Over the last few years, Campbell Newman Government has overseen  the demise of this once great institution with the loss of programs, courses and closures of TAFE campuses or TAFE campuses reducing their footprint resulting in the loss of hundreds of teaching and support staff jobs. 

Now that the State Election has been called for 31 January 2015, it’s time now to consolidate our message and unite our community to SAVE our TAFE.

HP Arbitration - What's at stake

Posted by Alex Scott on December 22, 2014

The final claims for the matters to be arbitrated have been filed, and the Department of Health have dropped some of their nastier claims.

The Department and all the unions - Together, United Voice, the AWU and the QNU - had to file the final clauses to be arbitrated by 4pm last Thursday (18 December) and there were a few surprises.

As you can see by the claims documents at this link, Together has continued to fight for those things members decided were important:

LCCH Crisis Meeting

Posted by Alex Scott on December 22, 2014

On Wednesday, Together delegates met with management to discuss your concerns about your patients and your working conditions at the new hospital.

Management committed to responding by yesterday to advise on the progress of resolution for these issues. Unfortunately, management's response appears to be in direct contradiction to what you as workers on the ground have been saying.

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