Together IT teleconference report back

Posted by Thom Ryan on June 4, 2021

It was great to see so many members attend the recent IT teleconference. Your roles have never been more important to making education happen and you need to be properly resourced and recognised for everything you do.

Transport Inspector update

Posted by Eleanor Rogers on June 4, 2021

This update is for all Transport Inspectors to provide information on matters that directly impact you.

EBA discussions are moving forward in QCS

Posted by Alex Scott on June 4, 2021

Earlier this year, your elected Conference Delegates endorsed that your union seek to have discussions with the Department in regards to your outstanding EBA. These discussions have commenced and, to date, are without prejudice and looking at what matters each side would want to have included in any settlement. Because of that there is no detailed offers from Government yet to report back, this update is to give members an understanding of the direction of the discussions and give you an opportunity to comment.

Proposed changes to unoccupied wards in STARS

Posted by Heather Hayes on June 1, 2021

Recently representatives from Health unions met with Metro North HHS Chief Executive Shaun Drummond and other MNHHS management representatives to discuss potential changes to the care across two currently unoccupied wards in STARS.

QPS Update - 28 May

Posted by Together Queensland on May 28, 2021

It has been a busy few weeks in QPS for Together members, with the consultative committees, admin reviews, changes in Workcover legislation and the significant overtime needs for Together members in police comms. Check out the updates below.

Breaking news - your CYJMA EB was certified today!

Posted by James Douglas on May 28, 2021

Today, your new EB was certified by the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission! Members in Child Safety and Youth Justice now have your first ever standalone EBthe Child Safety and Youth Justice Certified Agreement.

Union WIN in MSHHS! Part timers maximised permanent hours

Posted by Gianni Sottile on May 27, 2021

This is an exciting win for members at the Logan Switchboard!

Red Cross Lifeblood proposes cuts in your new Agreement.

Posted by Peter Cattach on May 27, 2021

Lifeblood has proposed significant cuts in the new proposed National Agreement.

The new Agreement fails to include:

Qantas Freight and AAE Restructure Update.

Posted by Peter Cattach on May 26, 2021

Last Friday, 21 May 2021, your union met with Qantas Freight and AAE management to discuss the next steps in the Freight Restructure. We have the following updates for members.

June is workload month in WBHHS.

Posted by Allison Finley-Bissett on May 24, 2021

This June is workload month in WBHHS! Your delegates and representatives are keen to ensure that we highlight all the workload issues in your workplace. The only way we can prove to your employer that there isn’t enough staff to get the job done and keep patients safe is through members filling out workload forms.

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