COVID-19 Vaccination Program

Posted by Together Queensland on February 22, 2021

Many Together members will be in the first groups of workers to be offered the COVID-19 vaccinations from this week. The Federal Government have determined priority groups and set out "categories" for different workers and community members who will receive first access to the vaccines. 

Slater and Gordon EBA negotiations resume

Posted by Megan Denny on February 15, 2021

The Slater and Gordon (S&G) EBA negotiations have resumed following the Christmas/New Year's break. The first meeting for 2021 occurred on 4 February and the next meeting is scheduled for 18 February. Meetings usually occur on a fortnightly basis. We had a number of meetings in 2020, but then some key HR personnel left the organisation in December so we had to re-group before Christmas.

CYJMA members accept government’s offer.

Posted by Dee Spink on February 15, 2021

Thank you to all of the members that participated in the snap ballot on the government’s offer on your EB over Friday and the weekend.

CQHHS February Update - Workplace bullying, consultation, temp to perm & more.

Posted by Together CQHHS Delegates on February 15, 2021

CQHHS Together Delegates have been extremely active this year advocating for members across CQHHS on many issues.

Morrison’s proposed IR law changes are bad for workers

Posted by Alex Scott on February 11, 2021

In December 2020, the Morrison Government introduced proposed workplace law changes that will allow employers to cut wages and remove conditions from workers.

Public Service “Wage Freeze” and Defined Benefit

Posted by Together Queensland on February 11, 2021

The state government has confirmed with your union that members on the Defined Benefit superannuation scheme who are retiring in the near future will not be affected by the current wage freeze under the government’s 'no-disadvantage' policy.

Arts members update - February 2021

Posted by Eleanor Rogers on February 10, 2021

There’s a lot happening in the Arts in 2021 so it's important that Together members are kept up to date! Click on the headings below to find out more about these topics.

Singapore Airlines Bargaining Update: ASU Survey

Posted by Megan Denny on February 9, 2021

Management has made members in Singapore Airlines an offer for a new enterprise agreement. Tell us what you think about management's offer by completing the survey here by 4.00PM on Wednesday, 17 February 2020.

Qantas Freight says it doesn’t need your tick of approval!

Posted by Megan Denny on February 9, 2021

At the consultation meeting on 4 February 2021, Qantas Freight management told your union that the restructure doesn’t need the tick of approval from union members. They told us that management makes the decisions, not union members!

WBHHS Showcase forums

Posted by Allison Finley-Bissett on February 9, 2021

WBHHS will be holding a "Showcase" at Hervey Bay and Maryborough Hospital next week. Management have stated that the purpose of these "Showcase" forums will be for staff to share input on the direction of the HHS.

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