U-Mail: Stronger Together - July 2011 Update

Posted by Alex Scott on July 11, 2011

Queensland Health: Proposal for Overpayments Recovery

Union delegates and officials have consistently put the position to the government that members should not have to repay money to QHealth if they could not get accurate data, or if they were in fact owed money by QHealth.

Medical Officer Members' Newsletter - July 2011

Posted by Alex Scott on July 7, 2011

AHPRA - on time registration    

All members are reminded that AHPRA registration was due by 30th June and should note that non-renewals will be removed from the register on 31st July. We understand that renewals can be processed online and enquiries can be directed to 1300 419 495.

Your new union is here!

Posted by Alex Scott on July 1, 2011

With over 40,000 members, your new union is one of the largest unions in Queensland, covering workers in all areas of Queensland from both the public and the private sectors.

Your union will continue to have the most significant resources for public sector bargaining of any union in the country. You will still have access to industrial advice and support by calling 1800 177 244.

With these resources and a single strong union, we have the tools we need to make sure that we are running our own race and not just reacting to the agendas of others.

Workers in Queensland are stronger than ever now that your new union is a reality.

To find out more about your new union, see About.

If you need industrial assistance, you can call 1800 277 244 or use the form available here (coming very soon).

Congratulations on being a part of one of Queensland’s largest and strongest unions .

1800 177 244