Introducing Your Payroll Working Group

Posted by Julie Bignell on November 21, 2011

We thank all the members who took the time to vote in the ballot for the payroll working group. We had 32 nominations and the following Delegates have been elected.

I am sure you will all join with me in congratulating these Delegates and that you will support and assist them during this process. 

Regular updates on progress of the working group will be sent to members.

The Future of DERM: Have Your Say

Posted by Alex Scott on November 18, 2011

The work you do in DERM is vital to Queensland but there is a clearly a lot of political attention on DERM and its future at the moment. That's why we want you to have your say in what the future of DERM should be. To assist in setting this important policy direction we have developed a short survey looking at the Machinery of Government change that created DERM as well what Together's policy should be on its future.

Important Survey on Scientific Operations Officer Career Path

Posted by Alex Scott on November 17, 2011

Several years ago Science Operations Officers fought for and won better career path in Schools. Despite that success, it now is clear that access to progress to OO4 position is being restricted, not because the role is not required, but because some Schools just don't want to pay the salary.

Make your voice count - Together member survey

Posted by Alex Scott on November 16, 2011

The collective campaign for your wages and conditions in the Core public service is only a few months away.

Our Union in Central Queensland

Posted by Alex Scott on November 16, 2011

Attention all Together members in Central Queensland

In July 2011 the amalgamation of the former Queensland Public Sector Union and the Australian Services Union (Central and Southern Branch) created a new stronger union -  Together.

HP Back Pay - Is there anyone out there?

Posted by Alex Scott on November 11, 2011

A negotiation update has been added to the HP Stronger Together web site.

A line in the sand / Your movement is growing

Posted by Alex Scott on November 10, 2011

Stop! It’s the Police!

The response from Police members against cuts to Police has been clear. Police workers have shared their stories about what it will mean for them and their workmates, for their local communities and for Queensland. It’s important that we keep up the pressure and get more people involved by emailing

Important Update for Department of Communities Members

Posted by Alex Scott on November 10, 2011

The work done by our members in Communities is essential and helps support Queenslanders in need and their communities.

The union office recently communicated with members in regional locations about the progress of two issues which have been raised by members. In some areas around the state, managers have been refusing reasonable requests to combine work and personal travel as well as knocking back legitimate learning and development opportunities that would previously have been approved.

Stop! It's the police!

Posted by Alex Scott on November 10, 2011

Every day across Queensland public sector workers are dedicated to improving the lives of the people in their communities. One such group of workers are the Queensland police employees, who work hard to keep our community safe and respond effectively when we need them the most. The government has announced that it wants to remove 330 staff from Police - that is 330 fewer people dedicated to keeping our streets safe. It means fewer hardworking staff supporting uniformed police, fewer people devoted to answering the calls when we are in need and fewer people getting on with the job of building more secure communities for our kids.

Mater: Your Claim - Please have your say!

Posted by Alex Scott on November 9, 2011

As you would be aware it is time for Mater members to negotiate with our management about our pay and working conditions for the next three years.

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